14 Quick Fitness Tips For Beginners

Whatever your fitness goals and dreams are, one thing’s certain – you need to start somewhere. Why not start with these quick and dirty fitness tips for beginners.

Whether you plan to join a gym, run a half marathon, or attempt your first hot yoga class, the possibilities are endless – which means they can also be overwhelming.

Fortunately, the Paddysco Community is all about support and sharing so your fellow fitness enthusiasts are here to help. Read on for the best fitness tips for fitness newbies, veterans, and everyone in between from experienced users.

1. Have patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Make small goals, medium goals, and ultimate goals. And remember that it’s a work in progress. Even when I’ve hit my ultimate goals in the past, there’s always something new to try and strive for.

2. Don’t start out too hard

Everything that’s worth accomplishing takes time. If you’re going to the gym to start a fitness routine: lighter weights, shorter sessions to start, and build off that. If you commit to training properly, you’ll see results – and that includes your diet as well.

3. Keep going

Building up your aerobic capacity can take years. Don’t be discouraged by that, but know that every run over 20 minutes is going to help – and it does get easier.

4. Focus on how you’ll feel after you finish

You may be uncomfortable, and you’ll probably be sore, but I promise at the end of your workout, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

5. Don’t quit

No matter what your mind says, never quit.

6. Get out of the gym

Workouts don’t have to be in a gym! Find something you truly enjoy doing. Hiking, biking, swimming, and walking are all great forms of cardio.

7. Make a plan

Create a set of goals, but be flexible about your methods. Whatever your reason for finding fitness, make sure you’re clear on what you want to accomplish, and set an execution plan. If you fail, try again, but in a different way.

8. Take one step at a time

Be patient with your journey. Forgive yourself when you mess up, and love yourself when you succeed.

9. Be consistent

Even if you don’t feel like you’re making progress toward your goal, keep doing what you’re doing. Even if you need to work at a lower intensity or for less time, it’s important that you don’t stop altogether. Progress happens over months and years.

10. Make working out a habit – but don’t get stuck in a rut

Start small, but stick with it, and make it a habit to do all the time. And change up your routine so it doesn’t get boring.

11. Train with heart rate

Train off heart rate and watch your body slowly become more efficient! For example, beginners can strive to run a faster mile with a lower heart rate as time goes on.

12. Don’t stop

Don’t stop when you don’t see change. Change takes time. It won’t be easy.

13. Find something you enjoy

There are so many fitness-related things to choose from. Try all of them until you find the ones you enjoy.

14. Start slow

If you’re starting up a running or jogging routine, it should be a short distance or amount of time, like a 10- to 15-minute walk and jog. Then slowly increase your effort every other day. This way you’ll successfully complete your session and feel motivated to get out and do it again the next time.

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