Our Aim

To develop high quality soccer players by providing a comprehensive youth soccer experience. To accomplish this, we have established a culture that emphasizes the holistic development of players, coaches and teams.

Our Corporate Vision

At Paddysco Sports our corporate vision is to use Sports as a Tool for social engagement, achieve physical development and fitness, Strategy against juvenile delinquency and Gateway to fame and fortune.

Our Mission

To identify talented young sportsmen or women, then nurture and manage them to attain their full potentials by exposing them to opportunities that will afford them rewarding sports career in Nigeria and around the world.

Our Core Values

Passion, Prayer, Wisdom, Discipline, Professionalism, Team spirit and Creativity. We are deeply committed to making our young sportsmen and women to cultivate these core values in order to become the best they can be.

About Us

“Victory Is The Goal… Determination Gets You There!!!”

Paddysco Sports Limited is a developmental-minded sports management organization, based in Lagos, and duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No: 990280. The organization has presence across various states of the federation and is fully affiliated with and endorsed by the Lagos State Football Association (LSFA). Through PADDYSCO SPORTS ACADEMY (for Boys & Girls of 3 Years and above), we discover, nurture and promote the talent in every child & help them to maintain mental & physical alertness. Armed with Full Insurance Cover for our kids, our Academy is further bolstered by a well-structured curriculum under the guidance of highly disciplined, passionate and experienced Coaches and a forward-looking management. Our trainings are held at a Secured & Decent Grass Field in Festac Town, Lagos-Nigeria. Our Activities include: Football, Athletics, Ballet & other Dances, Swimming, Aerobic Exercises & Other Games. For convenience, we offer Bus Service to pick & Drop the kids for trainings.

Our Anthem

The Below Is Our Company Anthem. At Paddysco We Have Our Culture & Tradition And Our Anthem Is Part Of The Culture & Tradition

1. We all have dreams;
Dreams to become
Who we are meant to be
We are here to make our dreams
Come into reality
We are here to apply the best
Of ourselves to the task at hand
We are here to take our mission
In life to the next level.

Paddysco Sports, Paddysco Sports
Victory Is the Goal
Determination Gets You There
Without victory, there is no Life!

2. Let’s show desire, dedication
Hardwork and self-discipline
Let’s show endurance, punctuality
Diligence and the will
It is impossible to win the race
Unless you venture to run
It is impossible to win the victory
Unless you dare to battle