What to look for when choosing a football academy for your child

Football Academy For Your ChildAttending a football academy is essential for anyone who wants to help their children do more with football. There are good football academies all over the country. This can make it quite difficult to choose a football academy for your child. If you’re worried about having trouble with this then it’s worth checking out some of the tips we have for you below.

Keep this in mind and you should find it much easier to choose the best soccer academy for your child.

Where is the football academy located?

First and foremost, make sure that any football academies you are considering are places you can go. Whether by car or on foot, you want to make sure your kids get to their football school with ease. This is a big part of the process because you want to make sure that your child can make it to the sessions without any issues.

It might mean looking around at one of the nearby academies, but it will help you make better choices. However, don’t travel too far if you can avoid it. Discover the closest Paddysco Sports Academy centers to you here

How much does a football academy for your child charge?

The vast majority of the best football academies come with training fees. You need to decide and choose what football academy for your child you can afford for your child. Once you have a plan that works for you, invest in their academic coaching ASAP.

However, make sure that you can afford the football academy fees you want before you apply. You must have the financial means to pay for your kids at the academy. Once you think about it, the next thing is to check out the academic prices. Contact Paddysco Sports Academy here to ask about the price range of their training.  Their Football Academy sports session and other sports sessions they participate in.

Who is the football academy for your child coaches?

football academy for your child

The next important question to ask yourself is who are the coaches? What records do they have?

Any football academy should be able to give you detailed and in-depth information about each member of their coaching staff. This should give you full confidence that they can do the job successfully. Look for a sports academy whose coaches have a program with the kids. This is very important so that your child is correctly guided from the start.

If you look at the many sports and football academies for your child in Nigeria, you will notice that there are different levels. Some sports academies are aimed at children who want to socialize and stay fit. Others are aimed at serious teenagers who want to try their hand at being professional footballers.

You need to decide what stage your child should start at. Be honest about their current quality and from there you can decide whether the academy is right for you or not. Think about your child, not your ego: what is their current realistic level? At Paddysco Sports Academy, we cater to all of your child’s needs, whether you are just looking for your child to socialize and stay fit, or you want to make your child a long-term professional footballer.

Is there a pathway for the football academy training center?

Many soccer or football academies are affiliated with professional football teams or clubs abroad. It would be nice to see what kind of training they have – is there a chance to move from such a football academy to a real sports club in the future?


While there is no guarantee, you will find out if there is a route you need to take. Many football academies or schools are affiliated with a football club, which makes it easier for your child to advance to the next level. Paddysco Sports Academy is no exception. We have had some successes in the past with some of our kids going to the best foreign soccer clubs. You can check out some of them here on our website

Is there any success story for a player in the academy?

You also need to pay attention to the type of academy your children want to attend. Do they have a track record of helping children become professional footballers? We recommend that you consider all these into account.

A good football coaching school will help you go out and find a place for your child in a full sporting team. They should be aware of the development of children in order to have the opportunity, directly or indirectly, to participate in the game for a period of time. Find out here some of the Padysco Academy players who play in the best sports clubs in Europe and other parts of the world.

Are the facilities good enough?

football academy for your child

Once you know the people working at the academy have the right skills, it’s time to check their equipment and facilities. How well they take care of the facilities? Will your child really have access to the facilities there?

See what they have to offer in terms of local amenities and sports clubs. It should provide meaningful solutions to help your child grow. From study to gym equipment to training facilities, high school soccer facilities have the right equipment.

Are they realistic?

One thing to avoid is football schools that are more concerned about their ego, not players. Try to avoid any academy that is trying to make promises or guarantees. In a country as passionate about football as Nigeria, there is no guarantee that your child will succeed in football.

Like any form of coaching, you want to have good leaders. Try to avoid any football school that makes big statements or promises of how to turn your child into a professional. It is better to avoid any kind of football academy built on such excesses and strains: it is often not good for a young person to have such expectations from the beginning of his life.

Instead, it is necessary to find football schools that can prepare your child for the future in sports, as a coach, athlete, or otherwise. When identifying different areas that would likely help your child, pay close attention as much as possible to their developmental characteristics.

Any center that would give claims that cannot be guaranteed should be avoided. Alternatively, look for true, specific sources of development. This leads to the desired result: improved personal growth and development. You can click here to check out some of Paddysco Sports Academy branches and how best to decide where to place your kids at one of our centers closer to you.

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