Paddysco Sports has the capacity and competence to manage sports men and women and make them to achieve their dreams. Paddysco talent & Player management entails the following and more:

  • Groom and mentor talents to turn them into better footballers and professionals as we develop a personal development plan for each discovered talent to help him or her achieve this important transformation. We also plan the careers of discovered talents in the way that they will benefit most.
  • Develop the skills of players by exposing them to rigorous team training sessions and personalized training sessions. Extra focus is placed on meeting the specific skill needs of individual talent using DVDs and other multimedia produced by world-class coaches.
  • Players are also exposed to demanding match situations through active participation in competitions and friendly matches against good teams. The Player is also given opportunity to watch live and recorded matches as well as, when possible, arrangement to watch professional matches.
  • Interactions for Well Rounded Development are highly emphasized. Players are engaged in confidential one-on-one interactive counselling session, following each game to help talents to make required progress. Also, they are engaged in interactive off-field instructional sessions, which focus on the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological aspects of the game.
  • To ensure Physical and Mental Fitness, Players are guided to achieve necessary fitness, suppleness, bodybuilding, mental focus and mental toughness through optimum use of gyms and engaging in sports like swimming, basketball, distant running and other rigorous exercises. Also, players are provided with professional guidance on helpful nutrition tips, off-Field Living, and on the gains of living positive and disciplined lifestyles and avoiding destructive habits like hard drugs.
  • Ex-Internationals in various fields of sports are engaged, from time to time, to give discovered talents guidance on how to be professionals: team spirit, team politics, relating to teammates, coaches and other staff, relating to fans, etc.
  • Players are given professional guide on financial planning: how to save and invest their earnings wisely.
  • The place of Healthcare is of high importance. Hence, Players are subjected to regular medical check-ups to boost their health status, follow up complaints promptly to avoid complications. Discovered talents are also to be covered by group insurance policy for injuries and accidents and death.
  • Progress Report of each player is well-monitored and constantly assessed. We maintain a record of players’ progress and achievements; Guide the discovered talent in his or her transfer decisions in order to secure genuine deals with clubs in Nigeria and around the world; Facilitate transfer of sports men and women in a way that guarantees smooth transition.
  • Under our Player & Talent Image Management, we manage the affairs of players in such a way that ensures positive public image and attract endorsement deals. Consequently, Paddysco Sports do not hesitate to decamp a discovered talent for poor performance, truancy, lack of team spirit and indiscipline. However, except in grave cases, warnings (yellow cards) will be given before decamping (red card).
  • On a final note, it is worthy of note that in no distant future, young talented players will be periodically and routinely quartered in a befitting clubhouse to be mentored and to develop them for the world of professional football.