In addition to being a renowned Sports Academy, Paddysco Sports is one of the few Sports Facilities Management establishments in Lagos Nigeria, responsible for the day-to-day operations and care of sports facilities.

Our focus is on overseeing the daily operations of all the playing surfaces and associated equipment in the Sports Complex. We work to ensure quality service delivery, make sure that sporting events go on without a hitch and also keep the teams and fans happy while sticking to a budget plan.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating, planning and supervising operations.
  • Scheduling practice sessions.
  • Keeping inventory of supplies.
  • Preparing a budgeting plan.
  • Setting up property security systems.
  • Organizing evacuation routes.
  • Arranging for equipment repairs.
  • Ordering new equipment if needed.
  • Overseeing necessary preparation for a scheduled competition.
  • Hire employees and determine salaries.
  • Establish facility fees, and set membership or ticket costs.
  • Building cooperative relationships.