Paddysco Sports is generally, deeply passionate about talented young footballers because they are the future of the game. We spend time, energy and resources to help these young lads achieve their dreams as professionals in their various fields of sports. In doing this, however, we are careful not to encourage average talents to waste the precious time of their lives trying hard to be footballer when they can be something else and be successful in life.


  • Identification of young talented sports kids: Comprehensive medical check-up is conducted to determine whether the talent’s health status is attuned to the rigours of playing football.
  • Objective assessment skill using practical techniques: If the player meets the required standards, he is retained. We retain only the best because that is what our scouting partners want. Sometimes, we may recruit more of certain field positions in accordance with the forces of demand and supply.
  • Paddysco Sports adopts the retained player for grooming, mentoring, development and management through a non-exploitative contract agreement that guarantees a win-win situation for everybody. It is an official policy of Paddysco Sports that every young footballer that should be adopted MUST be represented by an adult who understands fully the terms and conditions of the contract because once it is signed, the contract comes into force as a legal document.
  • With the contract signed and effective, the player comes under Paddysco Sports management. He becomes a Paddysco Sports player.
  • In a situation where a player falls short of Paddysco Sports standards, he is not just discarded like a failure. Such a player is given what we call Discharge Counselling where we suggest areas of improvement and possible alternative career possibilities. Subsequently, the signed contract will be terminated automatically.

Paddysco Sports undertakes football talent scouting through:

  • Maintaining active relationship with network of games masters of schools all over Nigeria.
  • Organizing developmental tournaments, such as Paddysco Football Talent Hunts, inter-school football tournaments, etc.
  • Organizing talents hunt programs for individuals and organizations through our Paddysco Sports Consulting Services.
  • Direct approach by grassroots scouts who have identified exceptional talents.
  • Requests by parents, relatives and friends of young talented footballers.

In turn, Paddysco Sports facilitates talent exposure and transfer through:

  • Maintaining working relationship with some Nigerian sports clubs to facilitate trials and transfer during local transfer windows
  • Maintaining active link with these clubs and international Scouts and Scouting Agencies across the globe to facilitate player (in the case of a footballer) transfer to lucrative leagues. In dealing with international Scouts and Scouting Agencies, Paddysco Sports do not just jump at offer. Rather, it critically analyses every career opportunity offered with a view to giving its players the best.
  • Making sports talents take part in competitions and friendly games as team members of Paddysco Football Academy.
  • Sending discovered talents on international trials as organized by foreign clubs.