Paddysco/JSSI Super 8

One of Nigeria’s emerging Sports Organisations, Paddysco Sports, over the weekend signed a partnership agreement with Junior Star Soccer Limited, to further bolster their increasing and audacious moves to pave way for Nigerian Footballers to fulfil their destinies.

Junior Star Soccer Limited is an active football agency, which was first incorporated in Spain, then in Nigeria. The Agency provides such services as: Soccer Scouting, Soccer Screening, Players/Club Representation, Legal Representation, International certification, Training, Securing Rights of formation for Local clubs, among others.

Speaking at the Partnership signing occasion, the MD/CEO of Junior Star Soccer, Rawlings Cleff Ogie said his Organisation is excited at the partnership with Paddysco, noting that, he believes the positive reputation and visible network already built by Paddysco Sports will ensure the aspirations and objectives of his organisation reaches the target audience faster and more effectively.

On his part, the CEO of Paddysco Sports, Peter Azunnaya Okereke expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Almighty God and to Junior Star Soccer for the opportunity to work together. He said his organisation decided to go into the partnership because both oufifts share similar business goals and have forward-looking management teams and structures that can deliver the expected goodies to Footballers around the world.

At the signing ceremonies were the General Manager of Junior Star Soccer, Mrs. Jane Nwanodi and the Team Manager of Paddysco Sports Academy, Mr. Obiora Amanambu.

With this partnership, Paddysco Sports beckons on Footballers to contact them and GET SCOUTED, PLAY THEIR WAY TO EUROPEAN CLUBS THROUGH UPCOMING TRIALS AND COMPETITIONS.


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