Best Football Academy in Lagos 2021

In recent decades, the sport, especially football, has grown from a simple hobby or pastime period into a trillion dollar industry and way of life. From high salaries to player sales to ticket sales, making money at various outlets in the game, this has led football clubs to create youth teams that not only get results but also huge profits for them. The youth teams gathered around the world are called academies and this article lists some of the best football academy in Lagos.

Lagos Nigeria is one of the most avid cities when it comes to admiring the beautiful sport. With quiet divisions and factions supporting their own teams, watching football is one of the most popular pastimes in the African city. But as genuine as it may be, every viewer longs to see a Nigerian player in action.

Are you one of those players who wants to grow and make it big in Europe? Or do you have a child or relative who is working pretty hard to be adept with their feet? You will find this article on the best football academy in Lagos helpful.

The Lagos Football Academies in Nigeria have been responsible for finding talent in recent years. Feeding from either a Nigerian Professional Football League team or a European team. The best way to be successful in football is to go through one of the various sport football academies in Nigeria.

In no particular order, here are the best football academy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Best Academic Football in Lagos, Nigeria 2021

Paddysco Sports Academy – One of the best Football Academy in Lagos Nigeria

Location: House 2, 112 Road B Cl, Festac Town, Lagos

Paddysco Sports Limited is a development-oriented sports management organization based in Lagos and must be registered with the Commercial Affairs Commission with RC Number: 990280. The organization has a presence in several states and is wholly affiliated with and supported by the State of Lagos. Football Association (LSFA). Through the PADDYSCO SPORT ACADEMY (for boys and girls ages 3 and up), each child’s talent is discovered, encouraged and promoted, helping to maintain their mental and physical alertness. With full insurance for their children, the sport academy in Lagos is further enhanced by a well-structured program led by a highly disciplined, passionate and experienced trainer and future leadership. Their training sessions take place on a safe grass field in Festac Town, Lagos-Nigeria. Their activities include:

  • Football
  • Athletics
  • ballet and other dances
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics and other games.

For added convenience, they offer a bus service to pick up children and take them to the training ground.

Midas Football Academy

Location: Grounds, Gospel Camp, Command Road, Ipaja 100278, Lagos

The Midas Football Academy Nigeria was established in November 2006 to discover young football talent in Nigeria and the rest of Africa and make them better people in society. The academy is duly registered and affiliated with the Nigerian Football Association and the Lagos State Football Association.

They claim that there is a network of international football clubs and football management organizations around the world. They have connections with Boy Scouts in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Americas, where they showcase their talented graduates.

Juventus Football Academy

Location: Abuja and Lagos.

The Juventus Football Academy, the official academy of the Italian giant of the same name, is one of the best sport academies in Nigeria. The Nigeria’s former ex Big Brother housemate Ozo, he is also one of the country’s most trusted ambassadors.

They use the services of qualified trainers from Turin, including the Juventus Academy Regional Manager, who continuously support the projects with regular visits to ensure Juventus Academy project standards are adhered to.

The Juventus Academy program in Nigeria is more camping than full time as it only runs on specific dates especially during the holiday season. The camp is open to interested participants aged 6 to 17 with practice units taking place on weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

Pepsi Football Academy

Location: Agege Stadium, Lagos Nigeria,

Probably the most popular in the country, the Pepsi Football Academy has over 14 training centers with nearly 3,000 students and is one of the largest football academies in Nigeria.

They have been so good in recent years that some famous players owe them their success in their career. Some of her graduates include:

  • Yinka Adédeji
  • Joseph Akpala
  • Derick Amadi
  • Kola Anubi
  • Onyekachi Apam
  • Ezekiel Bala
  • Femi Joseph
  • John Obi Mikel

The Academy is currently running a program that will give some of its talents the opportunity to advance their academic and athletic careers in the UK.

Hoffnung International Football Academy

Location: HIFA Street next to Church Street, Taike Ikosi, Ketu Lagos – Nigeria

Hope International Football Academy (HIFA) is a private organization founded by Mrs. Hope Kole. Their goal is to implement the GLOBAL HOPE SPORTS MANAGEMENT COMPANY’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. HIFA is committed to promoting talented boys, especially from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, in the field of education and public interest in football.

Currently, the cost of running the academy is generated by donations from the founder, family, friends and sponsors.

The Academy is a partner of the Professional Football Scouts Association, the first and only registered and recognized professional football association in the world.

Ayicrip Football Academy

Location: 10 Oladimeji Street from Sholabomi Crescent Gate, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayicrip is one of the few academies that is sought after above the age of 20 for their talents and ranks them as one of the best football academy in Nigeria. They mainly target talented young people aged 17-23 in urban and semi-urban areas of Nigeria.

Interested players should choose a form of interest that allows them to participate in open camp trials. These will help young football players with great potential come and put their skills to the test. The best players are selected to participate.

After training, 18 players will be selected for the International Football Trial Tour in selected countries.

Upon completion of the open camp tests, selected players will be invited to a two-week camp in Lagos to prepare for international trial tours that will give players the opportunity to play in selected clubs in Asia, the Middle East, the East and Europe to play in South America, North America and Africa.

Finally, during the international friendly tournament, well-known football agents, club managers and licensed coaches will appear in search of great players under contract with their respective clubs to start their professional careers. At the end of the two-week tour, the successful players immediately start their professional careers.

Best Football Academy in Lagos, Nigeria 2021

Here is a short and streamlined summary of the best football academy in Lagos Nigeria in 2021.

  1. Paddysco Sports Academy
  2. Midas Football Academy
  3. Juventus Football Academy
  4. Pepsi Football Academy
  5. Hoffnung International Football Academy
  6. Ayicrip Football Academy

To book an appointment or make an enquiry on how your child or relative can join Paddysco Sports Academy, please call +234 909 809 0966 OR +234 818 358 4242

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