An Exciting Training Session

Participation in Sports is becoming the norm in the youth of today for a variety of reasons. If the timing for this Sports participation is performed under the correct conditions, the athlete will be successful in reaching specific goals.

Like every other training day (Saturdays) at Paddysco Sports Academy, we always make our training sessions top notch, and worthwhile…

Today’s training was bustling and fun to watch. All the Teams performed creditably well at their various drills but the Under 6 boys (Team Incredibles) were really outstanding with their show of uncommon determination. No wonder they were the cynosure of all eyes.

The day’s Training started with the kids warm up, then Football drills, 2-a-side games and finally Aerobics Exercises. On their part, the Elastic Queens (Ballet & Dance Class) displayed their usual activeness and flexibility to the admiration of all. Kudos to the Coaching crew who ensured that the Training Sessions were All-Action Packed, Fun-Filled.

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