3 Weekend Workout Styles You Should Try Out

Weekend time is a fun time. I mean, who don’t like holidays? Fun time, notwithstanding, you don’t want to slip into a weak weekend lifestyle.
Here are three effective, and time efficient workout exercises you can adopt right now:

1. Density Circuit
When exercise equipment is not close by, then your body -weight is a good way to go.
Take up a compound exercises, a rep scheme, and a time limit. Your most challenging and technical exercise should be the first in the circuit.
For example:

Squats x 25
Push Ups x 20
Single Leg Hip Thrusts x 15 (per leg)
Pike Pushups x 10
Repeat for 10 minutes, resting as necessary.

2. Super Sets
This second example is excellent for gym-equipment lovers. Take up two exercises together, take a quick rest in-between sets, and repeat.

For example:

A multi-station gym gives you quite a number of exercises you can do at once

A1) DB Bench Press

A2) Pull Ups

B1) Incline Bench Press

B2) Seated Row

C1) Treadmill Workouts
C2) Rowing with a rowing machine

3. Giant Sets
For a more intensity metabolic training and the ever-precious pump workout, you may want to consider these exercises
For example:

A1) DB Bench Press – 4 x 10

A2) DB Incline Press – 3 x 10

A3) Cable Press – 2 x 15

A4) Push Ups – 1 x 20

We recommend 30 seconds rest between exercises.

“What truly defines someone who loves fitness, exercise, and by extension themselves, is the ability to adapt to different surrounds and circumstances and still get in the necessary work to grow and progress as a person”

Happy Weekend!

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